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New Desktop or Laptop Windows PC Checklist:

Windows Operating Systems

~ For Windows 7 there's Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

~ Windows 8/8.1 comes in Home, Professional and Enterprise.

~ Windows 10 comes in Home, Pro, Enterprise and more.

For a full comparison of Windows 10 versions, from the folks from Microsoft,
see here:

Generally speaking, you'll only want Professional, Pro or Enterprise for business purposes.

As may know, XP & Vista support has expired, meaning - importantly - that security fixes have ceased. Windows 7 expires in January 2020.

Windows loves RAM (random access memory). At a minimum get 4GB of RAM; more is better. RAM is relatively inexpensive and it's better to load up now. 64-bit PCs can utilize more than 4GB of RAM, so go for 6GB, 8GB or 16GB of RAM.
For an impressive chart of the various operating system RAM/ physical memory limits, click here.

I prefer Intel i5 & i7 CPUs over the others, but most anything is fine for everyday use.

Don't worry about the hard drive size, it'll be HUGE. More than you'll need. Unless you want to keep a copy of every movie ever made (OK, I exaggerate). Get an SSD (solid state drive) for much better performance.

Most any computer that you purchase -- with the above statements in mind -- will run circles around your current computer. Any of the current crop of CPU's (AMD or Intel) are fine. Did I say the new computer will be much, much faster?


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